The Old & Rare Wine Company Shipping Policy

Age Requirement

All wines are sold in California and title passes to the buyer in California. In California, law prohibits the purchase of alcohol by persons under the age of 21. Hence, you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase wine from The Old & Rare Wine Company. By placing an order with The Old & Rare Wine Company, you represent that you are at least 21 years of age. Moreover, delivery of your wine requires an adult signature (21 or older). If no adult is present at time of delivery, the package will not be left. Therefore, business addresses are highly recommended. We will not ship wine to a PO Box or APO address.

Legal Disclaimer

You assume and take title to your wines in California upon purchase. You are responsible for the shipment of all orders you place with The Old & Rare Wine Company. By placing an order, you authorize The Old & Rare Wine Company to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier (i.e., FedEx) to deliver your order where you want it delivered. The Old & Rare Wine Company acts only as your agent for the shipping/delivering of your wine. We make no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import any wines into any state. You are solely responsible for the shipment of your wine and for determining the legality and the tax/duty consequences of having your wine shipped to you. Once wine has left our storage facility, the buyer is solely responsible for any loss or damage.

Restricted States

The shipment of wine into a state is regulated by the recipient state. Currently a number of states prohibit or limit the shipment of wine from California. View Our State Shipping Guide.  Despite these laws there are alternatives that will allow us to ship your wine. The best option is to supply us with your (or your company’s) FedEx account number. That will allow us to ship your wines wherever you want and there will be no charge by us for the shipping materials or handling. Also, in certain states (including Alabama) we can ship your wine to the licensed wine retailer of your choice. If you have an established relationship with a local retailer near you, please contact us to determine if we can ship to your retailer.

Billing Information

All items are subject to availability. Orders placed on this website are not final. Your credit card is not charged automatically, although the amount is approved by your credit card company. Orders placed with us are received in the form of a request and must be confirmed before they can be processed. Upon receipt of your request we will verify that we have the wine in the quantity you requested. If there is any problem with your order, we will notify you (usually within one business day). Otherwise, we will process your order, including the method of shipment/delivery and insurance charges, and (if applicable) tax. All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment. Payments can be made by wire transfer, certified check, or by domestic credit card. Personal checks may also be accepted from qualified customers. International payments require a wire transfer.

Please note that all credit cards are verified. You must provide a billing address that corresponds to the credit card you are using. If the billing address does not match the credit card you will be informed and the order will not be processed. If you encounter any problems in placing an order though the shopping cart, please call or email us for assistance.

Shipping Costs

Prices of our wines do not include shipping charges (or sales tax if you are accepting delivery in California).  Shipping charges vary depending on the destination, weight and speed of delivery. 

Shipping costs are automatically calculated at the time your order is placed based on the information you give. If you would like to know the shipping cost to a particular area please select your items from the website and view the shopping cart.  On the shopping cart page is a box labeled "Estimate Shipping and Tax." Enter your Zip and click the button that says "Get a Quote." The box then expands, and shows the shipping options and costs.

Our shipping containers hold 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 bottles of most wines (some larger bottles require magnum shippers). We recommend you keep this in mind when ordering as an odd number (7, for instance) will be shipped in the bigger box, increasing the shipping charges per bottle. We also carry large format and half bottle shippers. In an effort to help the environment, we reserve the right to recycle like-new shippers for shipments that will be received within 2 days.

Domestic Shipping Options and Delivery Times

Domestically, we ship Ground, 3-Day Air, 2-Day Air and Next Day Air (Standard and Priority) via FedEx:

  • Ground Service - one (1) to five (5) business days in transit, depending on the location
  • 3-Day Air - three (3) business days in transit
  • 2-Day Air - two (2) business days in transit
  • Next-Day Air - one (1) business day in transit (Priority assures morning delivery in most areas)
  • Saturday delivery is available for 2-Day and Next-Day Air

In calculating transit times, shipping companies do not count the day the item is picked up. Generally, all orders are processed within one (1) business day (if placed after noon Pacific time). We will contact you by the end of the next business day if there are any problems with your order. We will notify you by email of any unexpected delays in processing and/or shipping your order. During times of bad weather, we recommend you don’t ship your wines but if you must, using 2nd Day or Next Day shipping is best to avoid spoilage. Orders to Alaska or Hawaii must be shipped 2nd Day Air at a minimum.

Generally orders are shipped the next business day unless the shipment would spend the weekend in transit.  In that case, we ship on Monday. You will receive an email from FedEx notifying you that your wines have been shipped and providing you with the tracking number(s) for your shipment.

We highly recommend shipping to a business address where an adult will be present to receive shipments during business hours. If the shipment is returned to us by FedEx for any reason (including but not limited to an improper or incomplete address) we will charge you again for any re-shipment. If we are asked to re-direct a shipment in transit for any reason we will pass the additoinal FedEx charges ($15.00) on to you. So please make sure the address is complete including business name, department or mail stop, if any, and suite number if going to a business complex.

International Orders and Shipping

International orders can be placed on the website if we ship to your country of destination.  Please use the shopping cart and the box labeled "Estimate Shipping and Tax" to see if we ship to your country, the shipping options and costs.  International orders are shipped via FedEx Priority (approximately 2-3 business days) and Economy (approximately 4-5 business days).  Because of excessive fees charged by credit card companies for the use of international credit cards and credit card fraud, we do not accept international credit cards.

Payment for international orders is made by wire transfer. Wire transfer instructions will be sent to the customer upon placing an order. The customer will have two (2) business days to complete the wire transfer. If the wire is not received in two (2) business days, the order will be cancelled.

Weather and Limited Weather Holds

It is important to understand that wine is perishable and very sensitive to temperature. This should be taken into consideration especially while wine is in transit. We recommend that you take the weather between Los Angeles and you into consideration in selecting the appropriate shipping method for your purchases. Transporting wine in extreme weather conditions, even by overnight service, may seriously damage it. During periods of extreme weather, The Old & Rare Wine Company strongly advises against the transport of wines by any means. During these times we are pleased to provide you with free, short-term storage until better weather conditions prevail (Limited Weather Hold). Once you are ready to ship, simply go to the website, log in, find your orders, choose your shipping method and checkout.

If shipment is requested during periods of extreme weather, the buyer exempts The Old & Rare Wine Company from any liability for any damage to the wines during shipment. Please remember these are your wines and you determine the shipping method and timing.

Please keep in mind that we are not in the wine storage business. Hence, we will assess storage fees for orders kept longer than 6 months at a rate of $2.00 per case, per month (one case minimum). If you need wine storage, we can acquire that for you or provide you with contact information for a number of wine storage facilities in the Los Angeles area.

Pick ups by Appointment

Although we are not open to the public, you can make an appointment to pick up your wine order at our warehouse in West Los Angeles provided your order is at least 6 bottles or $500.00, whichever comes first. Pick up orders must be placed in advance over our secure website. Please allow one business day for us to process your order and have the wines ready for pick up. Only customers or their agents are allowed to pick-up orders. Pick-up orders must be claimed within 5 business days of the wine's availability. If orders are not picked up timely, storage fees will apply. Please contact us by email ( or phone (310.829.5390) to arrange a pick-up date and time or for more information.

Insurance Requirements

Because all wine purchased from The Old & Rare Wine Company is sold in California and title passes to you (the buyer) in California, you are responsible for the shipment of your wine, including the procurement of insurance. Insurance for breakage is including in your shipping costs at the time of purchase. FedEx insures the first $100 of value. Any value over the first $100 is $0.60 per $100 of insured value. Please note, weather damage is NOT covered by this or any other insurance.

In The Event of a Damaged Shipment

The Old & Rare Wine Company will refund insured purchases only for the breakage of wine while in transit. The Old & Rare Wine Company will not refund shipments for any other types of damages, such as, but not limited to, the defacing of labels, the failure or damage to corks and capsules, spoilage, and all other forms of damage. If you receive wine that has been broken during shipping, do not contact FedEx, they will not issue refunds, please contact The Old & Rare Wine Company directly within 24 hours of receiving the parcel. Note that weather damage is NOT covered by this insurance and we will not be responsible nor will we replace bottles damaged by the weather. Again, you, the customer, are the ultimate decision-maker for shipping of your wine.

Delivery Attempt

Whenever possible, we encourage you to use a commercial business address to assure the fastest delivery time. It is your responsibility to provide an address for delivery where an adult will be present at the time of delivery. If an adult is not available to receive the package, two subsequent attempts to deliver the shipment will be made. If these delivery attempts are unsuccessful, FedEx will notify you that your shipment will be available for pickup at a local FedEx substation for approximately 10 days.  If your shipment is not claimed during this time, FedEx will return your wine to The Old & Rare Wine Company. If your wine is returned to us, you still own the wine (all sales are final) and need to make other arrangements to get the wines to you.  This will include additional shipping charges and may also include storages charges.

Shipping Within the Southern California Area

In most cases you will find the best method for local delivery will be by FedEx Ground. However, for larger quantities and/or during hot weather local delivery (using refrigerated trucks) may be more cost effective. Besides offering delivery service for the west Los Angeles area ($12 per case), The Old & Rare Wine Company can also provide local delivery service (via a third party) to other locations within Southern California. Rates for local deliveries to locations other than west LA vary, so please contact us for a fast quote.

If you request local delivery of your wines, a date and time will be arranged. One delivery attempt will be made at the arranged date and time. If your plans change, please give us one business days notice. If a delivery is attempted and fails due to no fault of the delivery person, an additional delivery charge will apply to subsequent delivery attempts of the same wines.

Undrinkable and "Corked Wines" - No Refunds

Because The Old & Rare Wine Company did not produce or bottle any of the wines we sell, and due to the fact that the character of wine changes with age, we cannot guarantee the personal "drinkability" of every bottle we sell. It is the industry standard for shops such as ours, and it is the policy of The Old & Rare Wine Company, that older wines are purchased "as is" and at the buyer's risk as to the drinkability of the wine.

This policy includes "corked" wines (those tainted with TCA and smell of wet cardboard). This wine fault occurred during the maturing/bottling of the wine at the winery and is completely out of the control of The Old & Rare Wine Company. Whether the wine is from us or not, please contact the winery if you encounter a "corked" wine. Only the winery can solve this problem.

We do not issue refunds on wines that are deemed undrinkable or "corked."

Cancellations and Returns

All wine sales are final. Please review the email you receive confirming your order carefully to make sure you ordered the correct wine and shipping address. We are not responsible for any incorrect orders placed by the customer.

Any cancellation of any order must be done within 10 days of placing the order and prior to the shipment of the order. All cancellations are subject to a 10% restocking fee, unless there was an error on our behalf. The restocking fee is not a penalty but compensates us for our loss. When we charge your card your order is reserved for you. Your credit card company charges us when we charge your card and when we subsequently credit your card for a cancellation. Therefore, we will strictly enforce the collection of the restocking fee if your card has been charged. If we have not charged your credit card, you may cancel your order without being subject to the restocking fee.

No order may be cancelled after 10 days of placing the order.  No order may be cancelled after it has shipped (the shipment is in the possession of the shipping carrier). An address change (shipment re-routing) may be requested by the customer after shipment but a $15.00 fee will apply (this is the fee charged by shipping carriers for address changes).

Any return of unopened and undamaged wine that was incorrectly sent to the customer (i.e., wrong wine or vintage) must be done within 10 days of your receipt of the wine. Please email or call to inform us that you are returning the shipment. We will only issue an exchange/refund on returned products that were incorrectly shipped to you (i.e., wrong wine or vintage). We will not accept return of any wine that has been opened, harmed during transportation or harmed due to extreme weather conditions.

In rare circumstances we may, in our sole discretion, accept the return of unopened and undamaged wine that was correctly sent to you. Please call us prior to returning the wines as such circumstances are determined on a case-by-case basis. If we do accept a return under these circumstances, the customer is responsible for a 10% restocking fee and the shipping costs both ways.

Original Wooden Containers

Occasionally, we have wines in their original wooden containers. When wooden case containers are available, we ask that you buy at least half of the bottles when you request the wooden container. We will endeavor to mention the availability of original containers in the description of the item. You will be notified after your order if there is an original wooden container for your wine. At that time you can decide if you want the container. We are happy to send them to you along with your wine. However, these containers must be shipped separately (for a small fee), because they will not safely transport your wine (unless you opt for local delivery).

Pricing and Availability

All listed prices do not include shipping/delivery charges. All listed prices do not include sales tax, if the wine is being delivered in California. Prices, ratings/reviews and availability of wines are subject to change without notice. Although it rarely happens, we do make mistakes in pricing so we reserve the right to correct those errors. The Old & Rare Wine Company cannot guarantee the availability of all items on our website. Occasionally we run out of an item before we can reflect that on the website. In the event that we do run out of an item you ordered, we will promptly contact you via email or telephone. At that time you can cancel your order free of charge or substitute another product.


Please contact us prior to placing an order if you have any questions regarding our shipping policies.